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Today is my Mom's birthday. She's 57. She's doing well. My dad is sick again. My parents want to connect with me more. They want pictures of me. Any pictures. Snapshots or professional. They don't care which. It's making me feel guilty for being so distant. Anyone got a decent camera who is willing to try and get some good snapshots of me?

Also, she now knows I'm dating again and wants to know "everything" about whom I'm dating - ok, everything I'm willing to tell her. I have to decide what that is. She already knows my main romance is temporary due to my impending move. It makes her sigh. I'm her last unmarried kid. I worry her. She wants me married. I want me married, too. But out of friendship and love and not out of fear of being alone.

Why is it that parents can touch the heart of a matter without even trying?

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