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I am a sensualist... I adore various types of sensation against my skin. From the hard to the soft. From pain to pleasure. I notice sensations all the time. However, even I am pleasantly surprised at the wonderful sensations I am experiencing today... from my jeans.

Yes. My jeans. These are my new 22T blue jeans from The Avenue. I've worn them before. I have a pair of black 22T jeans but they never felt like this. I'm not sure what stars aligned but I'm happy for it. For some reason, today my blue jeans fit perfectly. I do mean perfectly. Not too loose like my 24T's that flap around my body. Not too tight like my 18T's that squeeze me uncomfortably. No. Perfectly. Like a glove. I knew something was different this morning the moment I slipped them on.

When I'm still - sitting or standing, they curve and hold my body in a pleasant cocooning sensation... as if I was being lightly wrapped up in someone's arms. Just enough gentle pressure to be noticed and enjoyed. But, when I walk or move... OMG... my jeans slide over my skin like a warm hand caressing my legs and hips. Not a lot. Not a rub. Just a gentle stroke of warm fabric to skin. When I move, I find myself shifting my gait, swaying my hips or twisting my body, just to feel the different sensations of my jeans against my skin.

Between the sultry scent of my new perfume (which I have yet to name) and these wonderful sensations from my jeans, I'm having an awful hard time concentrating on work. I've been finding myself gazing off into my mind's eye, fantasizing about various *ahem* things an awful lot...

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