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Custom Oil Blend

(This is mostly for my record.)

Last night, darklingrose created a custom perfume oil blend for me that I adore. It smells really good. Warm and slightly sultry. It took about an hour of testing and figuring out how the oil scents mixed and matched with my body chemistry.

The oil is composed of:
~7 parts amber essence
~5 parts Isis oil
~2 parts French Vanilla by Scents of Creation
~.5 part Cassia (by, diluted to 1:15)

The Cassia is surprisingly strong and spicy but works well on cutting the sweet of the vanilla that had an almost too buttery scent to it. Now, I'm pondering some sort of light, daytime citrus type scent because I really like it when one of my co-workers eats an orange and the scent wafts over to me.

[PS: Would sbtw please drop me an email and say hello. From the friends list, it's pretty obvious we've probably met. I'd like to know who you are before I add you back. Thanks.]

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