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I'm poor...

Cash poor. I got hit with my car insurance and my car registration all at one time. OW. Thank goodness for my tax return. Otherwise, things might have gotten a bit more ouchie than would have been comfortable with. Then again, I'm generally paranoid about money.

Information poor. I know I'm a social hub. I know people like to talk to me. However, at this time, I have no publicly available information on any of the drama that is going on. Honestly, it appears as if all parties currently involved in the various bits of drama have decided to keep their drama to themselves in order to minimize the collateral social damage. I applaud them. So, no. I really don't know what's going on. *smile*

Drama poor. I am not involved in any personal drama. *cheer* Not even on a peripheral level. The most I have is some insecurities about work and diet.

Kitten poor. I'm missing having kittens around. I'm gonna have to poke the Furry Friends Rescue people to see if they have any kittens for fostering. I have until June or July. That's enough time for another batch of kittens.

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