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Man, what a good LARP last night. Extra kudos to Thea for doing my "I-recently-got-beat-to-shit" make up on me. It was done so well that not only did I have to tell everyone at the LARP that it was just make up and I didn't really get beat up... I had to quickly sooth Aaron at Dana Street Café when we went in for hot chocolate. What I liked best was me walking up to people, talking with them and their shocked reactions when they finally looked at my face. I believe "Holy Shit!" was the most common reaction. Admittedly, looking in a mirror, I scared ME when I saw my face. I'm not surprised that Yony made me take the make up off immediately after the LARP. He was wincing every time he looked at me. Fortunately, next week, I'll be down to a couple of large bandaids with no bruising make up. The following week, if I can find appropriate stage make up, two scars on my face.

Beyond the whole make up experience, I enjoyed the game a lot. At least, the role playing I did. Unfortunately, I'm a little nervous at all of the IC fights that broke out. If you are a non-combatant in this game, you seem to be completely screwed. From what I can tell, there is little I can do, as a social character, against a fighter character. Hopefully, Prince Katya will start clamping down on the disruptions in her court soon. Over all, Revelations has a whole lot of potential and I'm looking forward to getting into the mix.

Oh, yeah.... what's this rumor I hear about members of the Primogen trying to decide if Dora was property or not? Anyone want to explain that to me? :)

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