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For good or ill... it is done...

I just got out of my placement interview. It seemed to go well... Except when he was asking me how I would test databases. I stumbled a lot until he mentioned I had a whole dev team to make me any tools I wanted. I think I recovered well, telling him what kinds of things I would have them make/do for me. I think. I hope. The guy I spoke to would be my test manager. He seemed not so bad. No icky feelings off of him. Also, when I asked, in my question part of the interview, if he had any concerns about me or me working with him, he didn't hesitant. "No. No concerns at all." Then, he laughed a little. I'm going to take this as a good sign.

BTW, did you know that each full time employee gets their own office? With an actual door and everything. Apparently, the competition is more over window offices vs. interior offices. That is just so cool!

Sagittarius from Breznsy this week: Astronomers rely on telescopes to gather the observations that serve as their raw material. Not all their time is spent gazing up at the heavens, however. They have plenty of opportunities to work on "cloudy night problems," interpreting and massaging their data when the skies are overcast. I'd like to suggest that you're in an analogous phase, Sagittarius. At least for the moment, you can't glean any more crucial clues from peering outward into the glittering sprawl around you. Everything you need to know is contained within the observations you have already made and the information you've already registered.

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