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Top Five Best & Worst...

This came out of an excellent conversation with Monte.

Top Five Best Remembered Moments in my life. (Chronological order.)
1. Winning my AFROTC scholarship to go to college.
2. Hearing my first real love, Robert, say, "I love you." to me for the first time - on Valentine's Day. It was the first time any man had said that to me.
3. Reaching the 50 pound milestone of lost weight.
4. Finding out I sold my entire Hucked Tankard series to Campaign magazine.
5. Receiving my longed for, romance movie-like New Year's kiss this last New Year's.

Top Five Worst Remembered Moments in my life. (Chronological order.)
1. My dog, Beau, dying. He died while I was in college after living for 15 years.
2. Being booted out of the Air Force on a technicality and losing my scholarship.
3. My grandfather, Pop, dying. He died after I moved out of the house and I didn't get a chance to say good-bye.
4. Having Chris break up with me while we were still naked in bed together because he had decided he "needed to sow his wild oats some more before settling down" and he could not do that while seeing me.
5. The "Just Jenn" moment.

Hmmm... it does appear that most of my worst moments are farther in the past and most of my best moments are much more recent. I'm taking this as a good sign. I find I am smiling much more at the good moments than frowning at the bad ones.

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