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The Potluck

Home now but not for long. Last night's potluck and Twin Peaks showing was marvelous. I love the fact that all my friends are such good cooks.

  • I made my signature home made chicken and dumplings dish that went over very well.
  • jephly brought home made falafel, hummus and bread. The falafel was done really well. I very much enjoyed it.
  • hansandersen brought some neat cheeses and a delicious slab of Acme herb bread. His timing, as always, was impeccable. I had just been nattering over forgetting some fresh bread for the chicken and dumplings.
  • jrpseudonym brought a wonderfully flavorful chili. Too bad my wimpy palate couldn't handle it. Of course, the story of the biological warfare is his to tell. *smile*
  • Thea brought a veggie platter with a home made dip that was a nice light side to everything else that was being consumed.
  • Monte made a really good almond torte. It had just the right consistency to me. Sweet, moist and chewy.
  • zunger made his experimental Soffulini - a chocolate soufflé garnished with a chocolate glaze, fresh whipped cream and fresh strawberries. What a dessert! Wow. Slayed me before I was half done. It was excellent.
  • almus rounded out this spectacular potluck with a much needed staple of salad.

  • To put it mildly, we all got stuffed and stuffed well. Topping the evening off with Twin Peaks, backrubs from Thea, and a bit light drinking (maybe not so light for me), I would have to say that a good time was had by all. I really needed last night in the worst way.

    Now, to put my head back together for the Port Townsend game...

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