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Sick Computer

Albrecht, my computer at home, is sick. I'm not quite sure what's wrong with him but it sounds like his fan is dying. I think it might be because I've had the computer for over three years and I've never opened it up to do any maintenance on it. So, most likely, the poor fan is completely choked up with dust. However, as I'm a QA person and prone to breaking things without being able to fix them, I'm rather nervous about doing exploratory surgery on my old friend without a qualified computer geek guy at my side to save things when they start getting rough.

Greg? Yony? Anyone feel like helping me out? Pretty please.

You see, I don't want someone to do it for me. I want someone to help me, look over my shoulder and stop me from doing something terribly bad while I try and do this myself. It's the only way I'm going to learn and the only way I'm going to stop being so nervous about mucking with my own computers. Does that make sense?

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