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Samson moment...

What was the impulsive thing I did yesterday? On a whim, I hacked 5 inches of hair off. You can see it in my new monthly icon. Unfortunately, you can't really see the neat shade of burgundy my hair is now. This sort of thing happens to me periodically. I have this hair cut. It's my usual one. I get bored of it. I grow my hair out long with the intention of being able to put it up... and the moment my hair IS that long... I freak out and hack it off. In a way, it's actually quite cathartic.

The new hairdo led to a new attitude which led to me having a few choice words with PME where I extremely politely and tactfully "broke a boot off in his ass" as koga is so genteelly wont to say. Of course, PME seems to be getting back at the QA department by now going after the systems test group. MM is well aware of this and is on top of it. (Thank goodness.)

This morning, I had a Samson moment as I woke up and realized that I felt an unpleasantly familiar scratch in the back of my throat. "Oh, no! I cut my hair off and I get sick?!" I thought. Then, I remembered all of the illness running around that has bypassed me and realized that no, it's just that my number is up. This is annoying because colds kill my diet. However, I have a new determination NOT to fall prey to this one. I'm pumping the water and the vitamin C. Plus, chicken noodle Cup-A-Soup only has 8 carbs. I really need to find just chicken broth. My throat already feels better and I don't have any other symptoms of the cold. Go me!

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