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Brought to you by the letter "L" and the number "7"

I had dinner with moof and phoebek last night. It was really good. The topics ranged all over the place from their new house to random gossip about friends to gaming to religion and the like. I hope I didn't talk too terribly much. It just felt good to meet up with new friends to get to know them better. At one point, I turned to Moof and said "Your turn. Topic." I think I startled him. However, the topic, possible insanity and industrial espionage in a possible job opening, was really intriguing. I like doing that. Turning the floor over to someone else to talk so I can listen. Especially if I've been babbling on about something for too long.

This morning, I was thinking about words on the way to work and how much I like saying "L" words. There is just something really fun about saying "L" words. Like... love... lovely... lascivious... loquacious... You can let "L" words roll around in your mouth like sensually eating grapes. Lick... lover... lust... leer... lady... luscious... Mmmm. They just feel good.

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