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Warning: Wanton Woman Working...

Yep. I'm still feeling quite wanton but no longer insecure. This is a very good thing to me. I'll take it. My hair is now long enough to easily wear the wooden hair comb I got from the Ren Faire. However, I seem to have put up my hair a bit tighter than normal. This has the incredibly distracting effect of feeling like someone has their hand in my hair and is deliciously pulling... *purrrRRRrrrrRRRRrrrrr* I find myself tilting my head this way and that, just to feel the hair tugging while I think of ... things. My, my. This is going to be a long day. Thank goodness I have a new build to work on.

Oh, hey! I'm in Casey & Andy today and I'm named! I love that purple hair! Hmmm. It looks like I have more issues to deal with than just being a neighbor to the destructive duo.

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