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The Good, the Bad and the Messy

The Good... I found my cell phone! Yay! It was in my car like I thought. Only, it had managed to wedge itself inbetween the seat and the seatbeat, so it was stuck up high instead of down low where I was looking. A task for today... pull all of the cell phone numbers off the cell phone and into a document I can reference even without my cell phone. I couldn't call someone I wanted to talk to last night because I didn't know their number.

The Bad... I have been PMSing for the past couple of days. Dammit, my cycle has shrunk to about three weeks. Believe me, no one wants me on a cycle that short. Least of all, me. It used to be a pretty rock solid 26 days. I don't know why it's changed. However, it does explain why I've been feeling so neurotic, insecure and wanton lately. I seem to have drawn those cards for this cycle. I know I've been having some fine fantasies during meetings. So, I suppose it could be worse.

The Messy... The Red Mess. I don't think I need to say anymore about this.

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