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Good-bye Garibaldi

Sad Jenn. musae just left with Garibaldi. I know the two of them will be really happy together and it's not like I really want a long haired male cat. I want a short haired female. Still, that doesn't stop the fact that I'm all teary-eyed and missing the little monster. I shouldn't be. He left me with a nice set of deep scratches on my neck and left breast when he freaked out as Jeanne came in. I forgot how shy he can be and carried him to open the front door. Oy, he dug in and sprang from my shoulder. I'm in pain and I look like I've been mauled.

Dammit. I'm still gonna miss him. *sniffle* zunger thinks it is about time I get me a permanent cat. Maybe he's right. Maybe the next set of foster kittens will have my kitten in it. Sad, sad Jenn. At least, I'll get to see him when I visit with Jeanne.

That makes 12 fostered kittens. 1 died, 3 went to the feral farm and 8 have been happily adopted by loving homes. That makes me feel a little better.

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