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Post Holiday Blues

I ended up sleeping through my alarm this morning. When I finally did wake up, I decided it would be better to work on test cases here as well as make a dent in cleaning up at least my public rooms of the apartment. I've been remarkably productive. Test cases are working. The living room is cleaned and the dining room is half cleaned.

If everything is going so well, why do I feel so down and alone?

I'm guessing that it is a combination of the post holiday blues and where I am in my cycle. This sucks. I don't have time to be depressed. Especially this kind of depression where I feel so singular and want to be around people but am also feeling too damned apathetic as to reach out to someone and say "Hey, I'm feeling a bit down. I need a shoulder to lean on." Probably just my internal critic/martyr kicking in to natter about how no one needs to listen to my petty problems.

I'm sure this will pass. All it needs is a swift kick in the ass and for me to throw myself into a project for a couple of hours... and maybe a good stress relieving cry.

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