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Middle Earth Goodness...

I just got home from Two Towers. It was very, very cool. Worth the missed sleep. Normally, I'd be getting up in 2 hours. However, I'm wide awake. *sigh* Well, at least I let everyone know I was going to be in late tomorrow. So, I can get up at 8 or 9am instead of 6. But, I have to deliver two kittens to be fixed tomorrow morning. *munt* Then, look for that coat I failed to get today.

Just a thought, thanks to Robert. Did anyone else notice the fact that Giles did not physically interact with any thing or person in his environment? Didn't open a door. Didn't hug a person. Didn't pick up a book. Didn't help Buffy from the hole in the ground. Nothing. Nada. Not a single touch.

Also, in a possible homage to Sixth Sense, Giles explained to everyone how the First couldn't interact with anyone physically. It had to do it through its minions. That was the only way how. Not to mention, the First could only take on the shape of those who were dead (Xander making a reference to the Sixth Sense director was also picked up.)

Is Joss fucking with us all as usual?
Is Giles dead or alive?
If dead, is he good or bad?

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