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Panic City!

A conversation between my Manager and I this afternoon.

MM: So, how does Product1.0 look?

Jenn: They are late on the build due to X, Y, Z.

MM: [Random joke about that.] I forget, do we have a test plan on Internationalization?

Jenn: No. You asked me this yesterday. We haven't been testing that.

MM: I guess I keep hoping one will materialize.

Jenn: *laugh* No, Probably not. Though, since it is going to be in Product1.1, you should ask PTL. He's in charge of testing that.

MM: No. He's not. You see, we have two sides to this. Testing Product1.1 and Data Migration on one side and Project1, Project2 and Project3 on the other side. PTL is leading these other Projects.

Jenn: Oh, ok. Well.... who's going to be leading Product1.1 and the Data Migration?

MM: That would be you.

Jenn: *INWARDLY: Silence while her mind kicks into complete and utter panic mode. Me? Me? When the hell did that happen and why wasn't I told? PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC! No wonder he's been asking me about that test plan. Oh, Gods! I know nothing about any of that! PANIC PANIC PANIC!* Outwardly, very calm: Oh? Me? Alright. So, do we have specs or requirements, yet?

MM: No. But I'm supposed to get them soon.

Jenn: Well, if you could, please pass them on to me. I'll need to start thinking about this now. I didn't know I was going to lead this.

MM: Sure.

Jenn: OK. Talk to you later. *Proceed to go back to her desk and have a nervous breakdown.*

So, it does appear that I am keeping my Team Lead position! Woo-hoo! Congradudolences to me!

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