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Today has been surprisingly good for me. I've had several engineers call me in my Team Lead capacity to ask me questions about the product and various functionalities as well as for advice on dealing with functionality in the old produce now being moved to the new one. I've been able to answer every question and to assist in every situation! I am DA WOMAN today! Not only that, there is a certain sense of "whoa" when one of the other QA engineers pings me and asks, "I finished as much of X as I could yesterday. The rest are marked blocked. Is that OK?" Like I'm in charge or something. Oh, wait! I am! *laugh*

From Brezsny...
Sagittarius: Great news, Sagittarius! The astrological omens suggest that you are now being asked to embody and illustrate a theory advanced by Gabriel Garcia Marquez in his book Love in the Time of Cholera: "Human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them . . . life obliges them over and over to give birth to themselves." This is one of those moments, my dear miracle-maker, when you possess the power to reincarnate without having to endure the inconvenience of dying.

Neat! I'm a miracle-maker!

What color kitten am I?
What kind of kitten am I?
What's my inner eye?


What color of kitten would you be?

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I am a romantic White kitten


What kind of kitty would you be?

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You are an edgy kitty


What's your inner eye?

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You have an inner husky eye- loving, trusting, beautiful

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