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Anonymous Thoughts...

As stolen and quoted from kaidevis...

"Stolen from amaltheagrey by way of thirdreel. This is a take-off on the trend of listing your lj friends and writing something about each of them. Except that there are no names, only anonymous comments. This will elicit either paranoia or pronoia. depending. some people think doing this is really evil. i'm sorry if you're one of them. One comment for each person on my friends list that isn't a community, whether they still post at all or not. They're randomized, too, so don't bother trying to sort it out alphabetically. Some of these are obvious, but a lot of them aren't. Looking back through them I realized some of them, anonymously, could be seen to apply to a lot of people. Wow, maybe this is evil."

I agree, this can be both evil and enlightening. I actually had a lot of fun doing this for my read list.


- I thank the day you took the chance and emailed me out of the blue. My life is better because of you.

- Oh, lass. I really worry about you, sometimes. I think you take unnecessary chances and don't realize the harm you could come to. I pray that you ever have a guardian angel to protect you from your naivety.

- You are the type of guy we all look up to. It's a shame sometimes you have to prove to us you are human.

- I wish you the best of luck in your move. It seems like a good thing for you.

- I thought you and I might be friends. I refused to listen to what everyone said about you. Warned me of. Then, you had to go and prove them right. This makes me both angry and sad. I will always be friendly with you. That's the right/politic thing to do. However, I will never forget what you did to me and when. I will always be wary of you and your motivations because of that.

- If you were closer, I think we could have become friends. As it is now, I simply watch you from afar.

- I think, if circumstances were different, we could really be friends. But, as they are now... no, it's not really possible. Tears on one side or both are forthcoming and that makes me sad.

- You are a very hippy cool chick! I love your wild streak.

- I don't know you well but I sense you there is a greater depth to you than at first it seems.

- Someone who seems very well put together in his life. I enjoy hearing about you, your life and your progresses.

- A poetess still exploring your boundries. A joy to read.

- I really, really hope I get to know you better. You seem like someone I could honestly get along with.

- What a most awesome woman to watch from afar. I love all of your posts about life, love and spirituality

- VROOOM! That's what I think when I think of you. :)

- Long time friend. Occasional enemy. You are an anchor point in my life. I can't decide if that's a good or bad thing at this point.

- Man, I wish you lived closer. I think we could really collab on some great projects together.

- You seem so fragile and broken sometimes. Other times, you seem to know where you want to go. At least, you know you have a problem with depression and are trying to deal with it.

- You are a brave, brave man for fighting with your demons in a public forum. A braver person than I.

- If you didn't have a wonderful girlfriend, I'd date you in a heartbeat. I very much enjoy your humor and talking with you.

- You are broken in many ways. I'm sorry for everytime I hurt you, but I won't lie to you about my feelings.

- What a lovely, compassionate woman I see growing in you. I hope you are able to purge yourself of your demons.

- There are many things I don't like about you, but, over all, I'm glad you're my friend.

- Beautiful maiden, daughter of the moon. I read your life with both hope and envy.

- One of my longest running friends... Write more posts, dammit!!

- I wish you the best on your dreams. I think, though, you'll have to stop being so reactionary to people to do that.

- You are such a cutie! I know you'll go far.

- Kindred spirit? Maybe. I'm not sure. You intrigue me intellectually. I hope we meet someday soon.

- I really want to get to know you better. You are a creative wiz!

- A young man who is growing into himself. I very much approve of who I see you becoming.

- You have much going for you. But, I think you seek mentors in the wrong place. I hope it doesn't go to your head.

- New acquaitance. Maybe, a new friend. You have much to you that piques my interest.

- Damn, I love your voice! You can draw me anytime as long as you talk to me while you do it.

- My goodness, did I judge you wrong on first gander. You aren't the shy, retired guy I thought you were. I am really glad I got to see more of who you really are.

- I'm still pondering if I really want to have you on my friends' list or if I just want to read you via other friends' lists.

- You are a wonderful example of a healthy, well adjusted, bi-sexual polyamory guy. I wish there were more like you out there.

- I keep pondering if I should take you off my list but everytime I do, you make an interesting post.

- You are a person I really want to get to know better, but I really want to be careful of not hurting you while I do this. I see a potential for something more than friendship but it's not something I think either of us is ready for.

- If it wasn't for you, chica, I wouldn't have lost the weight I have. You are a wonderful example.

- In the short time we've known one another, you have taught me a couple of very important things about myself. I really appreciate that and I appreciate you. Thank you.

- I finally decided to just add you to my friends list after reading you via a friend's friends list for months. I hope you don't mind.

- You seem like an ultra-hip guy who lives on just this side of being dangerous. I read you because you intrigue me. I know you don't read me and that's OK.

- You've come so far that I almost hate to say that you have so much further to go. I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

- You are two women - the sweet, caring one and the blunt, judgemental one. I'm glad you didn't give up on our friendship when you first thought I might not like you.

- Too hip and cool for me. Still, you're lots of fun to read. Now, if you'd only post more on LJ.

- I'm really glad you and I are friends. You are a wonderful example of what polyamory can be - safe, sane and mostly drama free.

- I love your posts. Though, I can't really make heads or tails of them most of the time.

- I'm glad you're getting out of your bored cycle.

- Good luck with the current projects! I love reading how someone is making a living at something they love.

- Silly but fun. Someday, we're gonna have to meet up again.

- I have been reading you for years and years. I am fascinated how your life has changed since I first started reading.

- A new friend. My heart goes out to you over your trying times.

- I really would like to get to know you better. I'm afraid, though, that you don't think I'm good enough to be within your inner circle of friends. Sometimes, that's hard to take.

- I'm not sure why I read you. Maybe because of the possible drama value or, simply, because I've met you and am interested in being a voyuer.

- Post more poetry!

- You don't post daily, but when you do, you always have something major to say. I really appreciate that.

- You are a strange, strange lass. I am very interested in how you are working through the various facets of your life.

- There's a lot of pain in you. I know there is light at the end of the tunnel, but I'm not sure if you are willing to see it.

- Long time acquaintance. I'm not sure why we never have made the effort to get to know one another on a more personal level. Lack of true interest on both parts, I suspect.

- I hope you find your other half someday. I'm sorry it wasn't me. I'm sorry I hurt you.

- A young man with incredible potential. I think I'm going to enjoy watching you come into your own.

- Come back to CA! We miss you! I wish I had spent more time with you before you left.

- Oy, and I thought I had problems. No. Yours are the real deal and I'm sorry for it. There is nothing I can do to help with the pain.

- A tie to my past. It's amusing to catch up with you from time to time just to heart about the old gang.

- You are too cute for words! I'm very glad I have started to get to know you. I especially like the squeak in your voice.

- Long time reader. Strangely enough, I've never really gotten a feel for you.

- I am so glad you came into my life all those years ago and never let up on me. Tough love sucks sometimes, but I know you've always meant well. I hope I return the favor.

- A sweet girl, I think, who is still casting about for where her place in life is.

- Honestly, I'm not sure why I read you anymore. I guess, because I'm curious as to what is going to happen this time in your life.

- I'm still getting a feel for you.

- Post more often, dammit!

Damn, this was a long entry. It took me a couple of days to do it, then randomize the order of my comments.

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  • (no subject)

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