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Weighty matters...

I would just like to note, for the record, that weights SUCK. (Yes, Casey, in a bad sense.) Omg... I can't believe Doc wants me to walk 5 times a week with weights. I may walk 5 times a week, but not with weights. Maybe 3 times a week. I dare anyone who thinks walking is easy to add 5 pound ankle weights and 2 pound wrist weights and tell me how easy it is.

I had to remind myself that this was for the good of my knees. *whimper* Also, while it was ok to be sore *groan*, it wasn't ok to give up *argh*. So, I didn't give up. But, I'm betting I will pay for it tomorrow.

To all of those sedentary office drones who looked at me funny in my oh-so-stylin' bright blue weights: You're gonna be wolf whistling at me before you know it and I'm not gonna give you the time of day. So there!

I feel better now.

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