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More odd dreamage...

Dreaming of Casey and Andy.
I've dreamt of interacting with comics before but this is the first time I've dreamt of being -in- a comic. Probably because I know the comic author and the people (deyo, mactavish, jemstone) he writes about. .

Panel 1: Jenn (with purple hair!) facing Casey and Andy as I hand them a box.
Jenn: My Lord Milligan wants me to give this to you. I wouldn't open it. It's booby-trapped.
Andy (reaching for the box): Again? That's the third one this week!
Casey: Wait. 'Your Lord Milligan'? Jenn? You've gone over to the other side?

Panel 2: Jenn, Casey, Andy and Mary
Jenn (with red satin hearts): Oh, yes! Lord Milligan is wonderful. You should see what that man can do with his horns!
Casey (covering his mouth): Ugh!
Andy (covering his ears): Augh!!
Mary (walking in and seeing the guys reactions)

Panel 3: Jenn, Casey, Andy and Mary
Mary: You're in love with Lord Milligan?
Jenn (more red hearts): He's so dashing in all that black clothing!
The guys flee, looking ill.

Panel 4: Jenn and Mary
Mary: You can't be serious.
Jenn: Of course not. I'm a secret agent working undercover. I've insinuated myself into Lord Milligan's life and his bed. When the time comes, I'll thwart his evil plans and break his heart. You know, the usual deal.

Panel 5: Jenn and Mary
Mary and Jenn stare at one another in silence.

Panel 6: Jenn and Mary
Mary: So, the sex is that good, huh?
Jenn (more red hearts): Oh, my god! Yes! The things that man can do with those horns!

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