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DMV Experience...

I must say, if you need to go to the DMV, make an appointment via the web! I had to go get month/year stickers for my vanity plates this morning. Instead of having to stand in line for hours, I walked in 10 minutes early for my appointment, walked straight up to the desk, dealt with a pleasant lady and got everything done in less than ten minutes. I was walking back to my car before my appointment time. No muss, no fuss, no standing around being bored. It's really worth it.

However, on the bad side of things, I forgot my audio version of A Winter's Tale at home and I was just starting Act Four. So, I -still- don't know how my singing part is supposed to go and tonight is the last 'formal' (as formal as this group is) rehersal for the dramatic reading.

Now, back to work... I have more than 200 test cases with my name on them to run.

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