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These guys are SOOOO cute! Oh my! Happiness is having three damp kittens purring in your lap as you cuddle them and dry them from their bathes. (Admittedly, I -suck- at giving kittens bathes and I need to take them to a professional.) They have their personalities already, too. So, they were very easy to name.

Ivanova - No nonsense orange and white kitten with blue eyes. I can't tell if he or she, so Ivanova is good. Very curious and exploring.

Garibaldi - Aggressive black and grey tabby with blue-grey eyes. Likes to climb all over you and butt his head against your chin. I'm pretty sure it is a he.

Talia - The shyest of the bunch. A pretty little calico female with very green eyes. Just beautiful and reserved.

I will get pictures up as soon as I can borrow a digital camera.

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