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Word Count: 2900

I can't believe it. Only one scene left. Less than 2000 words. I should, by all accounts, finish the Dare tomorrow. That's assuming the article I'm suppose to turn in on the 22nd for Games Unplugged doesn't get stuck in the writing. It's only 600 words but reviews can get stalled if I'm not inspired. I don't have much time to do this one in. My week is busy enough that it must be done tomorrow.

Today's wrap up scene between Araques and Adara was amusing. She kicked him out of his head (figuratively) and told him to go talk to the one he REALLY wanted to talk to - Maureen. The wrap up scene between Araques and Maureen was a little painful and a little stilted to begin with but it ended up flowing well once they actually started talking to each other. That was nice.

Woo! I'm on the home stretch of the novel. Just ONE MORE SCENE to write and I'm done! I'm not sure the twisted end scene between Sorin and Ista is going to take two thousand words but, since I'm kind of in the mood to write a kinky sex scene, I think I'm going to indulge the whim if my scene doesn't meet the word count and get erotically graphic describing the two of them getting it on as they talk.

Date: 19 Nov
What: Wrap up Maureen/Araques
Daily: 2900
Total: 48,001

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