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Word Count: 3325 (Go me!)

I broke the 40,000 word mark! *cheer* Go me! In doing so, I pretty much ended the main action sequence of the story. All that's left is the tying up of loose end scenes. I've mapped out five of them. They should set up the next novel in the series perfectly when I get that far.

  • I need a scene between Araques and Waithe to wrap up the beginning of the Great Mystery Arc, stating what the protagonists do and don't know - be it wrong or right.

  • I need a scene between Atan, Terhock and Maureen setting up training and an awkward but amusing friendship after all of the trauma.

  • I need a scene between Araques and Adara showing that in saving Maureen (yet again) he is healing from his past.

  • I need a scene between Araques and Maureen where they talk about some of the mystery, both of their pasts and move tantalizingly closer to realizing that maybe they should be together.

  • Finally, I need a totally wicked end scene between Ista and Sorin to show just how f*cked up Sorin is and completely confuse the reader as to whose side Ista really is on.

  • I'm pretty certain that these five scenes are going to take longer than the 9350 words I have left to complete the dare. If I go on my 2000 words a day (or there abouts) I'll be done with the dare (if not the story) by the end of this next week. You have no idea what a thrilling prospect that is for me.

    Date: 16 Nov
    What: Attack on Maureen
    Daily: 3325
    Total: 40,650

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