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Word Count: 1325

Bad thing: Kittens are gone. *sniffle*
Good thing: There is a distinct possibility that I will get FOUR six week old kittens to foster in about three weeks.

Good thing: I have Princess now! She has email, chat and word set up. All I have to do now if figure out the FTP program and we're good to go.
Bad thing: No net connection with her at home - yet. I'm still trying to figure that out and if I can use my cable modem somehow. I'm not sure.

Bad thing: I didn't make my 2000 words today. I've been grumpy and sulking most of th day due to the work load I'm under at my job.
Good thing: I still wrote 1325 words. Better than nothing, I suppose.

Date: 15 Nov
What: Chase
Daily: 1325
Total: 37,325

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