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Word Count: 4030

Writing was good today. I skipped out on the regular Thursday movie night (*sniff*) to get some quality writing in. The words flowed like water today and I have much more to ready to write tomorrow. I could continue on tonight but I'd rather think about the next scene since it's so action oriented. Also, one of the best ways I know to get me back into the writing stream of things again the next day is to leave off my writing on a cliffhanger note...

For example, tonight's writing session ended like this:

The two women walked down the darkened corridor. "If this is level zero, what's below?" ask Maureen.

"Just storage and cargo levels. They're designated by letters of the alphabet. Level A on down." She paused at a stairwell. "I'll show you since we have to go that way anyway..."

The two of them climbed down the ladder to level A and walked in silence for a small bit. Maureen thought about the direction they were going and oriented a ship schematic in her head. She realized they were heading in the opposite direction from all of the living quarters that she knew about. "Reyr? Aren't we going in the wrong direction? I thought all of the living quarters were on the other side of the ship." She asked as they turned a corner.

"Right you are, Regresser." Terhock answered her, stepping from the shadows as he pointed the business end of an unfamiliar weapon at her.

Whoo! What a great point to start off writing from again!

Date: 14 Nov
What: Revelations
Daily: 4030
Total: 36030

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