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Word Count: 2430

Novel crisis has been pretty much averted by The Buffy Gang(TM)* since I mentioned to them that I was stuck. I explained some of the situation to them and they brain stormed with me on how to get me out of my corner. Most of it, I couldn't use but what I could was brilliant! Thank you guys! [But I'm still not blowing up the ship while it's in SLING space.]

So, I went back and added an investigation scene, added to another scene to drop the information that Maureen has developed psychometry and added to the conspiracy scene a short discussion why they aren't going to kill the Earth woman yet, plus added conflict within the conspirators. Then, I had Maureen decide she wasn't going to sit around and wait to be murdered. She demanded attention and a plan from Waithe and Araques who, while rejecting her original idea, did give her a task for the investigation.

Date: 13 Nov
What: New outline plus Setup for the next event
Daily: 2430
Total: 32,000

*The Buffy Gang(tm) is the group of regulars who all gather to be social and watch Buffy on Tuesday nights. In this particular case, it was covenantscave, darklingrose, jrpseudonym, sajin, hansandersen, jephly and zunger

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