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Things have been going really well. The monster's working. The conspiracy is half revealed. Maureen's got a better handle on her powers and is starting to become all fiesty again. So, why am I worried? Glad you asked. Seems I've written myself into not one but two corners. The first happened when I wrote in a new villain - a blood relation (of a type) to Maureen - who is working for the bad guys. However, with this new villain, the bad guys don't need to keep her alive really*. (Though, now that I think about it, there is a flimsy reason. I'll run with it.)

The second major problem... I have no clue how to have the good guys solve the mystery of the murder and the explosion. I know who is guilty. I know why they did it. They were pretty careful, too. So, now, I don't know how to trick or trap them into revealing guilt. I can't think of how to get my protagonists on the right track. I've got one more scene in my head for sure... but that's it. The rest is drawing a blank.

My fairly careful outline is pretty sparse on this. Maureen and Araques plan a trap based on the bad guys still wanting to kill Maureen. That's all I have written in that part of the outline for this HUGE plotpoint. I am totally stuck. If anyone has any ideas at all, I would -love- to hear them. I would explain the whole novel idea to someone for feedback but I'm not sure I want to inflict my baby on someone before its half done.

*sigh* Great Universe. But, plot? What plot?

Date: 12 Nov
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Daily: 3508
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*NOTE: That keeping Maureen alive thing is earlier in the book in a scene where the bad guys discuss what to do about her. The comment is made "When we don't need her anymore... yadda yadda ya..." and I realize at that time with her 'brother' around, they don't need her NOW. Though, they might, in order to continue publically carrying on the tests on the retrovirus and the cure using her blood. I'm going to have to modify that scene to add something about that.

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