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Whee! Hydroplaning is fun!

Not. 90 minutes to do a 30 minute drive to work this morning. A lot of it, I hydroplaned through. A lot of it, I spent behind people going 25 mph or being splashed by big trucks boldly going 70 mph. The flooding on the bridge was a special treat, too. Ah, well. At least my day isn't boring.

Thinking of not boring, I don't have any new kittens scratches but that's only because I'm getting faster at dodging the feral kitten, Scully, who is determined to prove that she IS one of the Hell Kittens from Sluggy Freelance. I've noticed a disturbing trend. When I can get the males by themselves, they let me hold them and pet them. However, if they are doing the oh-SO-cute kitten pile thing with Scully, she freaks out at me which winds up Mulder and Skinner and they start freaking out at me.

I hate to admit it, but I think I may have to return Scully this weekend so she can go to the Farm* and I can have a chance at socializing the guys so they can have a good home. It's not something I want to think about but the males are loosening up around me where the female isn't.

Whew. It's hot in here. It feels like it must be about 80 degrees. We're back to roast or freeze temperatures in the office. I know they are trying to fix it, but they aren't doing so well. Good thing I dressed in layers today.

*Note: The Farm is a place in Santa Cruz where a woman has about five acres of land. She takes in kittens and cats who are too feral to be adopted. She keeps them in the barn for a couple of weeks until they understand that this is home/food/shelter/water, then she lets them roam feral on her property.

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