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Blooded & Word Count: 3001

I have the kittens now. Oh, my. I think this batch is going to be a bit more difficult than the last two. Really. But, apparently, socializing kittens is my specialty. We have:

Skinner - a dark orange and white male. He is the most approachable of the three.

Mulder - a cream and orange male. He has a small infection in his eyes right now. So, he looks a little bug-eyed. He is pretty skittish and hissing. He also gave me a nice swipe to my left hand but didn't draw blood.

Scully - a cream and orange female. She's beautiful and she's a grumpy wench. Oh my goodness! She didn't stop growling the first time I held her. The second time, she gashed the fingers on my left hand and gashed my right wrist. Ow! Fricking OW! But, I think we're making head way. She didn't growl or hiss or spit the third time I went in there and petted her. Maybe because I didn't try to pick her up.

*whimper* Ok. Anyone got any hints on how to stop kitten scratches from stinging?

As for the novel. I'm ahead of schedule at 14010. Maureen is up and about. She's clean. She has her new quarters. She's seen SLING space for the first time... and this has brought home to roost just how much has happened to her in the last two days and just how much she has lost. Now, she's insisting on seeing the bodies of those who did not survive the cure.

I have run into a couple of small problems.
1. Maureen hasn't been described until today. I'll need to go back an add a desc of her sooner when I do edit.
2. I don't have my layman's desc of SLING space... but that's on the way.
3. I've discovered that I don't have much description of what is going on around the characters. 90% of my writing is conversation between various characters. I'm going to need to go back and add placement narration.

All in all, not too bad.

Date: 06 Nov
What: Recovery/Tour
Daily: 3001
Total: 14010

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