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Good Things. Bad Things.

Good Things
  • I'm getting kittens tonight! *happy dance* They are all half feral and need socializing. I have about two weeks to see if I get them to the point of liking humans.

  • I've made my average word goal today already and I have all night to continue chugging on.

  • I'm getting a laptop next week! *cheer* Bohemian princess author, here I come!

  • I don't have to turn in a Hucked Tankard Tale to </i>Campaign</i> magazine this month because I'm caught up until next year.

  • unkyrich is helping me plan my birthday outing to City with my psychic twin baronlaw for our upcoming birthdays.

  • BadThings
  • My left elbow is starting to tweak out on me a bit. It's been wiggy for a couple months but it seems like the amount of typing I'm doing for NaNoWriMo is aggrevating it.

  • I need to continue to chug on my word count because it looks like I'm not that willing to forego some social engagements I promised to attend. (In one case, they specifically looked at my schedule and made sure I was free, then scheduled the event.)

  • I have an article for Games Unplugged due this month and I still don't have the material I'm writing on.

  • One of my friends is really shocked that I'm interested in investigating Judaism. I'm actually not sure if he's still speaking to me right now. I've pinged him and now I'm waiting to see if he'll respond. The worst part - I can't tell if he's shocked because he thought I was Christain or because he thought I was firmly pagan.

  • So far, it looks like the good is outweighing the bad. This makes me happy. Nothing majorly bad has happened recently. I can handle this.

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