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OK. That's a wee bit annoying. It seems that the mush that both baronlaw and I were waiting for character approvals on has been taken offline and the person who was supposed to tell us, simply didn't. I had to find out from my friend James when I noted to him that it had been a few weeks and I was really beginning to wonder.

He's on a ShadowRun MUSH that he's encouraging me to come play in. I might. It depends on whether or not Bill wants to play there. If yes, I might suggest a ShadowRun version of Sabine and Wilhelm. If no, I'll have to think about what character to play.

All the while, I'm not-so-slowly realizing that I'm really not missing Marrach any more. Just some of the people I used to roleplay with. I don't know if this is because I'm having so much fun with Bill and 7th Seas or because of all of the bad things I keep hearing about coming out of Marrach... or maybe some of both.

Then again, maybe it would be better if I just let the gaming go for a while and continue to concentrate on my writing, reading and all of those other things I've rediscovered since leaving Marrach.

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