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Happy, happy! Joy, joy! I got verbal confirmation today from the Editor of Campaign magazine that they are going to pick me up as their regular fiction author, doing the Hucked Tankard Tales for all of 2003! *cheer* They like me! They really like me!

It was a good writing day for me. I broke it up as one hour before work (thus, got to work a wee bit late), 30 minutes when I'm usually on my Sanity walk (thus, didn't walk today - bad Jenn) and another 30 minutes at the end of the work day when I was done all of my projects for the day but still had to stick around. A productive use of my time, I'd say.

Maureen is slowly recovering from barely surviving the cure. There are some unexpected side effects, though, that have Terhock and his bondmates a little uneasy. Not only that, Maureen is being overwhelmed by all of the new information in her head and new powers that are manifesting themselves. On the up side, she survived and is just as feisty as before - much to the doctor's dismay.

Date: Nov 05
What: Cure/Recovery
Daily: 2800
Total: 11009

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