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Biker Envy...

I don't know who they are but /man/ do they have nice motorcycles. I see them almost every time I go to Starbucks or Albertson's. Mostly on the weekends. There are usually two or three of these bikers, sitting back, chewing the fat, drinking their coffee and displaying their bikes. What sweet bikes they are. Harleys, the lot of them from what I can tell. Sleek lines and slick colors. Usually purple, blue or silver. Though, there is a creamy white one, too. All just gorgeous machines.

This morning, I stopped for gas and was treated to a good view of a sapphire blue Harley. It was loud and very manly. *laugh* Couldn't tell you a bloody thing about the guy astride that beauty other than he had a black helmet, brown hair and sunglasses on. But, I noticed the silver highlighting in the blue, what looked to be a small star design on the side of it and the way it moved as it slid into traffic like tab A into slot B.

Every time I see one of these bikes, I get envious. Even though I don't know how to ride and, frankly, I'm a wee bit frightened of learning to. (We won't go into the fact that I'm too poor to own a motorcycle and a car - especially not the sweet looking Wide Glide Harley that I've always lusted after.) Still, I add it to the repertoire of the fantasy me - the bohemian author who sits in coffee shops with her laptop and bell sleeves creating her next bestseller.

Yeah, you know the one. She rides up on that gorgeous blue and silver Harley. Removes her helmet and tosses her violet mane of hair from her face where it tumbles into a beauty wave of artistic tangles. Sauntering into the coffee shop, she stakes out her spot and removes her leather jacket to reveal velvet beneath. Aver's Paradox. Leather and velvet. Her feet on the ground with her head in the clouds. Living worlds in her head that have nothing to do with the mundane.

Le sigh.

Ah, well. Almost time for my meeting. Back to reality.

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