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Word Count: 1630

I didn't do a full 2000 but I'm not feeling bad about it. I'll have time to make up the difference tomorrow. That is, assuming I'm not too hung over to see the keyboard. Besides, as long as my average works out to 2000 per day, I'm happy.

Araques tried to be sweet to Maureen and start explaining things to her about her situation but flubbed it. He's an explorer, not a diplomat. Ran out to get them a meal. While he was gone, Terhock, the callous doctor, came in and blew the entire gentle setup Araques was trying to make so he could tell her why she was here and what was wrong with her. The doctor tried to force the cure on Maureen, which started a brawl that Araques interrupted. Now, Araques has to explain things to a pissed off, suspicious Maureen.

Date: 02 Nov
What: Earth Rescue/Cure
Daily: 1630
Total: 4055

Now, off to get ready for the Unknown Armies LARP and then to the bonfire!

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