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Ok. I'm going to stop feeling guilty about .... everything. I'm going to stop freaking out at each bit of bad news. Time to start being strong again. That's what my friends need. Even if I can't help them, I'll be that pillar of strength in the whirling chaos. Just like Howard was for me when I broke my leg. There was chaos all around me with my friends trying to help, Dave doing his EMT thing and the rest milling about not knowing what to do. Howard simply stood next to me with his hand on my shoulder. He didn't say anything. He didn't do anything other than just be there. Of all the things that happened that night, the feeling of his hand on my shoulder with him being a focal point of calm, is the one thing I remember more than anything else. There's a lesson there for me to remember for now and the future.

So... good things...

Yay to Ben for rescuing me and being my dinner companion Sunday night! I endlessly admire Ben with his subtle sarcasm and humor. Very smart guy. Jewish. Philosophical. Gamer - he plays Lord Glouchester in the the Ethyria game. All around neat guy.

Yay to DavidP for being one of my uber sweet geeky friends and writing up a way for me to convert Terran dates into Standard Galactic dates for my upcoming novel!

Yay to Johanna for giving me a boot to the butt and making sure I don't spiral out of control again!

Yay to Rich for getting the original Japanese version of "The Ring" and for having a showing on Sunday day! I can't wait to be completely creeped out and unable to sleep.

Yay to me for getting the first draft of Doll 4: The Hunt done at 2600 words! Nothing like writing a chase scene to Basil Polerdourous.

Quiz Time
What's my mythical creature and shadow creature?
What part in a movie do I play?
What kind of kisser am I?
Am I kinky?
What reality TV show should I be on?
What Japanese subculture am I?

My primary mythical creature is Mermaid.
My primary shadow creature is Phoenix


If I were in a movie, I'd be an advice-giving friend!

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