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About last night....

I had a great time at zunger's last night. He cooked a delicious pot roast, roasted peppers and a mixture of cucumber and tomato slices. Yum. It was fun watching him run around the kitchen preparing the meal. There is something both amusing and fascinating about watching a single guy be domestic to me. Though, as Yony pointed out, most single guys are a lot more domestic than they let on... otherwise they would starve.

Costa, Yony's room mate, and Helen, Costa's girlfriend, joined us for the meal. Afterwards, while those two were hot-tubbing, Lynne, jephly's girlfriend, dropped by just in time for me to rescue the cake from Yony's attempt at icing it. *hehehe* I did what I could to save it. It wasn't easy. In the end, it wasn't the prettiest cake around and it did taste good.

Then, all of us watched the first part of Into the Woods, one of my favorite musicals. It was fun, silly and not serious or thought provoking in any manner. Perfect for the evening. We'll watch the second half at some point soon... Maybe. It depends on the busy schedules involved.

Also, I finished Neil Gaiman's Stardust and got it back to hansandersen. Next up... History of the World, parts 1 & 2 in comic format! [Not to mention, the ongoing Casca series and The Gunslinger.]

You know... I think I'm starting to get used to this 5-6 hours of sleep a night thing again. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad one. Well, if nothing else, it should help me during the NaNoWriMo dare.

PS: New monthly user icon taken yesterday!

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