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Genevia 2

Genevia 2
The sky in my world in on fire with great plumes of pink flame. I watch it roil in great chaotic swirls to feed upon itself. As I turn my gaze to the violet lake I sit by, I see the chaos reflected within its glassy surface. So real is this distant cyclone of harm that I am drawn into its Reality. Suddenly I am surrounded by a conflagration of all consuming flame.

Around me is nothing save chaos and fire. I am trapped within its painful embrace until I am burned. In a desparate reaction, I plunge my wounded hand into the water to sooth the hurt and cause a ripple across the surface of that placid lake. As instantly as it had begun, the conflagration is gone and I realize that it was nothing more than the reflection of a distant chaos. One that I am not a part of.

Reflecting upon this, I know once more there is both peace and pain in this place. I am the one who chooses which I will experience. I choose the peace that is there for those who have eyes to see it.

For, I must. I am Genevia and I will remain serene.

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