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The sky in my world in on fire with great plumes of pink flame. The violet lake I stroll by placidly reflects both the roiling pink sky and lush blue grass within its clear waters. Beneath an ancient tree that has no name nor equal, I sit and listen to those who visit me with a patient and compassionate ear. I hold those who need holding. I am the shoulder you cry on and the ear you bend. I listen. I care. I help if I can.

Lo, do not mistake my countenance to mean I am an ally in your personal struggle. Just because I listen does not mean I agree. Just because I hug and care for your well being does not mean I will take sides. Just because I disagree does not mean I will argue. Just because I agree does not mean I will bear arms.

For, I cannot. I am an island unto myself. I hold myself apart out of necessity. I am Genevia and I must remain alone.

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