Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Correct Choice for Us

My sister-in-law is in town with her husband and her two year old son. I love my SIL, BIL, and nephew. They are good people and nephew is the happiest boy. Enthusiastic, loud, demanding, tireless, happiest boy. The more I visit with my in-laws, the more me and the Husband know we have made the correct childless choice for us.

We’re both exhausted by the time our family heads out for the night—they’re staying at a nearby hotel until they continue their journey northward. Basically, all we can do is savor the silence, the lack of an active toddler, and enjoy the cats coming out from their hiding places. If nothing else, visiting with my happy nephew has reaffirmed my life choice.

Still, I gotta admit that it was impossibly cute when nephew mimicked me almost perfectly, calling to the kitties, “C’mere. Come on.” in a soft, high-pitched voice instead of his full-volume, excited shout. For a second there, Isis seemed to consider it because she wanted to play with the feathered toy so bad. She twitched towards him, but then nephew shouted and Isis decided she’d had enough of the small human, feathered toy or no.

I honestly think if we had a week or two, the cats would’ve come around. They all stared at my nephew from the landing, craning their necks to see what was making the strange sounds.

My hat is off to all parents. You have the hardest job in the world. All I can say is better you than me. Me and the Husband are happy to be the cool Aunt and Uncle of the family.

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