Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Alive and working - lots.

Still working on the Shadowrun novel, Makeda Red. I'll be done with it this weekend.

One of the things I've been doing to get away from the keyboard in the evenings and to rest my wrists (no typing, no reading, no crochet), is listening to podcast stories. I've enjoyed several so far.

Welcome to Night Vale isn't specifically to my taste. A couple of aspects of the storytelling annoy me. (Hate the "weather report".) I stopped listening to it but you might like it. Lovecraftian and strangeness in a radio station.

Alice Isn't Dead, also by the Night Vale crew, is much more what I like. Pretty much straight storytelling. Linear and non-linear. A woman truck driver looking for her supposedly dead wife, whom she saw in a background of a news report, encounters fear and weirdness in the search.

Limetown is a completed series and really interesting. Probably the best of the bunch I have here. A reporter is allowed to find out what really happened to Limetown all those years ago... and what happened to the missing survivors.

The Message is also a completed series and interesting. A cryptography team is hired to crack a verified alien communication that seems to make some of the listeners ill. The project is chronicled by a podcaster.
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