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Dreaming of Invasions

7 days and 7 hours since the Hugo Award nominations were announced and my life was turned upside down in a most unpleasant way. It’s been so bad, and I am so busy, that I’ve walked away from Facebook and Twitter until April 18th. I really need to get NEVER LET ME DIE written. That is my main priority now.

It’s working to a limited success. I have started the novel and my brain is shifting in that direction but I’m still getting messages, notifications, and emails from people. Most of them are supportive. Some… not so much.

I get that people need to vote the way their heart tells them to, and I want them to, but good gravy, could you not explicitly tell me that you’re not going to vote for me because the wrong person recommended me? That hurts so bad. It really does.  I hate that people I consider to be my friends are saying:

“You’ve earned the Hugo, but I just can’t vote for someone who was put on their slate.”

“I’m sorry you were nominated this year. You deserve the win but I won’t be voting for you. I can’t.”

“I nominated you but I don’t feel I can vote for you now.”

([sarcasm]That last one is my favorite.[/sarcasm])

It’s no wonder I’m back to having alien invasion and running dreams. I feel like I’m under siege.

Only four months of this to go.

Here is my original post about my nomination and everything I’ve done in the last 5 years.