Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


Fitbit is a gamer's dream come true. It's for goal oriented people and I like it. I've had it for one year now.

Week 1:
Steps: 15579
Floors climbed: 58
Miles traveled: 6.81

Week 52:
Steps: 40,715
Floors climbed: 83
Miles traveled: 17.79

I think I'm doing pretty good on my weekly averages. I upped my per day count by 500 every time it got easy to meet the goal. Now, I make sure I walk at least 4500 steps a day.

To date, I've walked 734 miles. That puts me on the trail in Mirkwood if I'm traveling with Bilbo. It puts me on the ride with Gandalf and Pippin from Isengard to Minas Tirith if I'm in Lord of the Rings.
Tags: walking middle earth

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