Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Conversations with the Husband

The Husband and I were in the car doing errands. It was very sunny.

Me: Looks like we’re both going to get a lot of vitamin D today.

Him: That’s what she said!

Me: *confused look*

Him: No? Doesn’t work?

Me: *long pause* Oh! Okay. I get it. *pause* Actually, that was pretty clever. I suppose, if I were a guy, I would’ve gotten it immediately.

Him: Probably.

Me: My first thought was: “Does semen have vitamin D? It thought it was protein.”

Him: Protein and enzymes and all that good stuff. It could have vitamin D.

Me: I was the wrong audience for that one.

Him: Yeah. Still love me?

Me: Of course.
Tags: conversations with the husband

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