Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

More crocheting

Since the first crocheted blanket, I've created 2.5 more. The second one was sort a rectangle. But I couldn't get the ends right. I kept growing them. At Convolution, two different crocheters looked at my mutant blanket and told me the thing I was doing wrong. They both said the same thing and said the same thing on how to fix it. I decided to do that for the fourth blanket and I have beautiful edges now.

The third blanket, I decided to do a round. It turned out really good and I gave it to a friend as a mini-cat blanket for their office kitty. However, I will not be doing that again. At least, not anytime soon. You have to count your stitches to grow the round out flat and I HATED that. It took away what I really liked about crocheting - the ability to keep the hands busy while the mind wandered.

I've also discovered that crocheting at conventions is a great conversation starter if you're downstairs in the lobby waiting for someone. And it is a great way to decompress upstairs in the hotel room after a very loud party.

I am done with conventions for the year and back to be stupidly busy. It's all good stuff but I'm going to be heads down a lot.
Tags: yarn

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