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The Husband and I decided to try out the Fitbit. It’s an automatic tool for measuring how active you are. It’s part of our join effort to get healthy together so we can live long lives together.

The Fitbit is interesting. It’s easy to use. It updates your profile automatically. The first week I did had it, I specifically did not change the way I moved. I exercised the same (none). I made no special effort to climb the stairs.

The most interesting thing I discovered was that as the week wore on, it was hard not to get up and do more. Now that I was becoming acutely, immediately aware of how sedentary I was, I wanted to change that. Especially in the face of how much the Husband was doing. I also realized that I climbed the stairs more than I thought I did.

Week 1:
Steps: 15579
Floors climbed: 85
Miles traveled: 6.81

Week 2:
Steps: 27371
Floors climbed: 82
Miles traveled: 11.96

The second week, I set a minimum goal of 2500 steps a day and 15 flights of stairs. It’s harder than you think when you work at home. I averaged 12 flights of stairs and 3918 steps a day. Though, the day usually ran about 3300 with Saturday and Sunday racking up the rest.

For the record, Fitbit is recommending 70 flights of stairs and 70,000 steps a week. The flights? I’m an overachiever. The steps… yeah… no. My first big goal will be 35,000 steps a week.


May. 13th, 2013 09:30 pm (UTC)
How does one define "A flight of stairs"? What constitutes one? Seven steps? fifteen? thirty? I have a 15-step staircase in my house and I climb up and down that thing - because my office is downstairs - at least ten times a day (up for coffee, down to drink it, rinse and repeat at least three times a day, and then there's other trips for other reasons...) if I take a six day week as a ballpark and assume that like thegood lord on the seventh day I rest, that makes for more or less the ballpartk figure that you mention - i.e. 70 "flights of stairs" a week, assuming my staircase counts as a "flight" - but does it?...
May. 14th, 2013 03:11 am (UTC)
My flight of stairs is 13 and it counts. I don't know how it figures out the height thing. I imagine you'd be an overachiever in the flights climbs category.