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When I’m asked if I’m having kids, I always say “I have cats, books, and my husband. I don’t need anything else.” My cats are my kids. I’m just going to put it out there. I love them. I spoil them. I worry about them. Whenever I go away on a trip, I make sure I have a cat sitter and that cat sitter sends me cat pictures daily.

When one of my cats isn’t doing well, I’m a giant ball of worry and anxiety. Mena is back at the vet. She has problems with her ears. (And I thought Pharaoh was my problem child.) She had a procedure done two weeks ago. Today was a checkup but things don’t look like the vet wants them to. So, they have to keep her for a deeper check up.

I’m upset. I wasn’t supposed to have to leave Mena there. I totally understand why they are doing what they are doing but it doesn’t make it any easier. I didn’t mentally set myself. I know she’s going to be fine but my mama brain is running around in circles freaking the heck out.

It’s going to be a hard day.

Mena refused to leave the cat carrier at the vet.
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