Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Happy, Shiny Assamite

I just realized I hadn't posted links to any of my new Assamite character mini-fiction. Sarah Smith, neonate Assamite, who is happy to be alive and living a joyful life punctuated by moments moody brooding.

Ripples in the Pattern: Smiles - Sarah being happy and creepy.

Ripples in the Pattern: Scars - A discussion of disguise.

Ripples in the Pattern: A Month of Memories - Sarah is having a broody moment about love.

Ripples in the Pattern: Business & Pleasure - Sarah discovers she had a little crush on someone she's working with.

Ripples in the Pattern: Bullets - Vaguely menacing ficlet foreshadowing something Sarah is going to do to another PC.
Tags: sarah

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