Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Car Accident

The last couple of days were awesome. Today… not so much.

First, my doctor wanted a couple of “odd” moles looked at by a dermatologist to see if I have skin cancer. The dermatologist doc cut off two moles for testing. Her unofficial thought is that they are merely “abnormal” and not cancerous. She told me not to worry. So, I’m not. Or, at least, I’m trying not to worry. I’ll know in a couple of days.

Next, on the way home I got rear-ended. We were stopped at a turn and I was waiting to go. I heard a loud horn and suddenly, CRASH. At first I was stunned. My brain wouldn’t work. When it finally got moving, we pulled into a parking lot. The woman who hit me was the nicest person ever. She admitted fault to both me and the cop who showed. Someone behind her honked their horn, startling her into slamming on the gas.

Neither of us was hurt. Both of us were shaken. Her huge, steel Yukon XL was undamaged. Morpheus, my car, was damaged. A lot. I’m terrified of the thought of what her truck would have done to me if it hadn’t been from a full stop. Morpheus goes into repairs tomorrow. She has good insurance. She’s admitted fault to the cop on the report. My insurance is on top of things.

It could have been so much worse on both accounts but, right now, I’m breathing a sigh of relief and having some tea to relax me.

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